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Industry on HBO

S1 Social Campaign

What do you get when you take five college grads all vying for a permanent position at a top investment bank and throw them into a toxic work environment? 

The Brief: Launch a digital-first campaign, social profiles, and promotion that taps into the captivating energy of the series, drives tune-in, and builds series awareness and buzz.


The Execution: Pull back the curtain, exposing the scandalous, financial workplace dynamics and complex character relationships to hook audiences. 

Bonus: Use a young, relevant, revealing, witty, and dramatic tone of voice. 

Annual Review: 

  • Followers: 11.7K in 60 days (IG)

  • Impressions: 898K in 60 days (IG)

  • 444K Video Views in 60 Days (IG) 

Social Snapshot

To capture the spirit of power-hungry recent graduates entering the world of international finance, we took the voice of a fellow intern - competitive, young, revealing, and culturally relevant.

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