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The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Social Campaign & Live Event Coverage

Challenge: Find new ways to engage dog-loving audiences and create sharability for those attending the event in person and from home.


Solution: ​Launch a multi-platform social campaign to bring Westminster week to audiences worldwide.


  • x2 Shorty Award Winner: Best in Pets & Animals

  • 713K One Week Total Engagements

  • 5.5M One Week Total Video Views

  • 1.16M One Week IG Story Views

  • 764.5M Total Giphy Views

Boots on the ground coverage

In addition to the advertising and marketing efforts leading up to the event, I participated in live event coverage, which included on-site content capture, community management, and real-time Instagram Story creation throughout the entire 3 day event.

Social Snapshot


Giphy Integration

We made Stories on Giphy to promote our breadth of WKC GIFS and encourage use during the weeks leading up the event and for the duration of the event itself. We also promoted our Giphy sticker pack on social. 

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