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Social Media Nightmares We’ve All Had 😱

Issue 249 | October 30, 2020

Sure ghosts are scary, but have you ever posted a Twitter thread out of order? Suddenly a run-in with a ghost sounds much less frightening... 

In the spirit of Halloween, we put our heads together and compiled the many horrors of social media management. Because let's face it: these are the things that really keep digital marketers up at night. 

  • There's a typo in post copy... on Twitter

  • Forgetting to log out of a client account and posting something personal

  • Incorrectly uploading an Instagram mosaic 

  • Starting a live tweet at the wrong time

  • Opening an Adobe project and the files aren't linked

  • Responding to fans from the wrong account

  • That one troll who comments on every. single. post. 

  • Instagram is down :'(

  • Posting the wrong version of an asset

  • Fans attributing your social campaign to "the network intern"

  • Tagging the wrong handle 

  • Finding out the asset copy doesn't fit in your safe zones... AFTER posting (@ TikTok)

  • Broken. Links.

  • The file is just too big to upload


  • Posting a Twitter Thread out of order 

  • Forgetting to save your design file just before your computer crashes

  • Linking out to the wrong thing

  • Misspelling a talent member's name in post copy

  • Forgetting to save the IG Live

Fear not! We take great care to ensure these nightmares don't become a reality. In the meantime...






Have a happy, social media nightmare-less Halloween! 🎃

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