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PEN15 on Hulu

S1 Social Campaign

For those who were teens during the 2000s, it was a time of AIM away messages, Spice Girls, and entirely too much Gap “Dream.” This nostalgia was our campaign superpower.


Homework: Bring the Hulu Original PEN15 to life on Instagram and Twitter using a unique social voice and community management tactics.

Extra Credit: Drive viewership to a new half-hour comedy series and cultivate an engaged community that lasts beyond binge.

Social Strategy

Our social tactics rallied fans around Sylvanian dolls and cultivated a community that is obsessed with PEN15. We always encouraged a two-way conversation with our fans. Our voice mirrored the tone of the show - two smart, sarcastic and hopelessly awkward teen girls in the 90s, trying to figure themselves out but trying desperately to sound cool at the same time. We leaned heavily into the slang of the time period and embellished posts with plenty of emoticons and abbreviations. ~LYLAS~ 

Pre-Season Snapshot

In-Season Snapshot



Since the show hearkens back to such a universally embarrassing and complicated time, we wanted fans to feel like they were having conversations with their middle school selves through our exchanges on social. 

PEN15 CM.png

We found unique entry points into the cultural zeitgeist in a way that brought Y2K legends into the conversation such as Lance Bass, Spalding from Moody’s Point, JTT, and many more. Not to mention we had today’s internet legends and p0pular celebs engaging with our content such as *screaming* Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Wilde, Seth Rogen, B.J. Novak, Amy Schumer, Josh Groban….. the list goes on.  

Gettin' jiggy with it

Since the series featured iconic 90s music, we created a Spotify playlist with nostalgic 90s songs and put out an ask for fans to suggest songs for us to add. They gave their recommendations, bonding over oldies (but goodies!) in the comments. 

Season 2 Announcement


Recognition: 12th Annual Shorty Award Finalist 

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