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Moonbase 8 Wants You 🌙 🚀

(to follow our in-world account)

Issue 251 November 20, 2020

GLOW partnered with Showtime to launch their new space-centric comedy series Moonbase 8 with an in-world Instagram account run by a NASA employee tasked with surveilling the base's astronauts-in-training. So what landed the interactive social campaign a feature in Adweek?

To drive awareness and excitement for launch, we called upon “perspective astronauts” to join the Moonbase 8 crew with 
recruitment posters and a tongue-in-cheek, NASA inspired recruitment video. We then tested our new, eager recruits through an interactive Instagram Story Quiz centered around Moonbase 8 survival skills featured in the first few episodes. The first 10 fans who nailed every question were deemed "Certified Moon Men" and gifted their very own deed of land on the moon. Seriously.

Needless to say, fans were over the moon when their deeds arrived by mail, taking to social to share their special space surprise and promote the series. 

You'll want to explore the 
@Moonbase8 IG account for yourself lunar or later. Oh, and stream Moonbase 8 now on Showtime.

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