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Moonbase8 on Showtime

Social Campaign

Space is serious work.​

Preparing for Launch: Build an in-world Instagram account, developing a cult-like fandom who appreciates the quality and authenticity of our content -- a small but mighty fan base.


Mission: Deploy an in-world content strategy and out-of-this-world tentpole activations to make the mundane memorable and serve as an extension to the seriously funny story.

Mission Accomplished: 

  • 8.4% Average Engagement Rate (IG)

    • 180% above industry avg.​

  • 3.5k IG Followers

  • 60K impressions in 60 days (IG)

  • Positive industry recognition: Adweek Press

The in-world account documented the crew's absurd antics with a straight face. It channeled an official NASA adjacent account through long-form copy that captured the absurdist humor of the series.

Social Activation

We continued to reward engaged recruits (IG followers), who completed an interactive IG Story, with their own plot of land on the moon. Fans & influencers were over the moon to receive their Moon Deeds IRL. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 10.53.58

You can read more about the full campaign strategies and tactics here.

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