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Meme of the Week: Bernie Sanders Sitting

Issue 256 | January 22, 2021

There were many takeaways from this week’s presidential inauguration -- the iconic fashion, a young and inspiring poet… and one that took us all by surprise: Bernie Sanders sitting. The Vermont Senator has again become the meme we didn’t know we needed, just for sporting casual attire and emanating pure IDGAF energy.

It’s no doubt that Bernie has been busy; traveling 
all around New York City, enjoying Schitt’s Creek, attending sporting events, crashing movies, and so much more. Naturally, we had to hop on the Bernie meme train before it left the station. Here’s a Shameless plug. Oh, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bernie!

If the meme itself wasn’t enough, there’s now an entire website that allows you to type in an address or location and Bernie will appear, legs crossed, chair and all. Thank you to site creator Nick Sawhney for giving us the gift of distraction. 

While we’re working from home, Bernie is doing us a favor and keeping an eye on the office for us. What a guy. 

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