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Kidding on Showtime

Season 2 Social Campaign

Say it like it is.


Challenge: Following a highly acclaimed first season, we were tasked with developing a social campaign that spoke to the series’ new format, new talent, and shift in tone rooted in magical realism.



  1. Acclaim: Build off S1 acclaim and promote the new back-to-back episode format. 

  2. Show the stars: Give big name guest talent social assets that they want to share to activate their fanbase.

  3. Creative refresh: Blur the line between realism and fantasy to plus up the award-winning S1 creative.


  • 75.6M Impressions in 50 days (IG, TW, FB)

  • 34.8M Video Views in 50 days (IG, TW, FB)

  • 6.0M Engagements in 50 days (IG, TW, FB)

  • 1,768% increase of Instagram Followers in < 50 Days 

Social Snapshot

Bad words are no longer off the table, tough topics are game if you ‘kidsplain,’ and the truth sets us free. 

Creative Approach

We implemented mixed media elements to blur the line between realism and fantasy. Using visual illusions, we transformed ordinary objects and settings into unexpected emotional metaphors.

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