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Kidding on Showtime

S2 Social Campaign

In Kidding Season 1, Jeff Pickles was trapped in a self-created jar: Mr. Pickles Puppet Time. 

Challenge: Following a highly acclaimed first season, we were tasked with developing a social campaign that spoke to the series’ new format, new talent, and shift in tone rooted in magical realism.



  1. Acclaim: Build off S1 acclaim and promote the new back-to-back episode format. 

  2. Show the stars: Give big name guest talent social assets that they want to share to activate their fanbase.

  3. Creative refresh: Blur the line between realism and fantasy to plus up the award-winning S1 creative.


  • 75.6M Impressions in 50 days (IG, TW, FB)

  • 34.8M Video Views in 50 days (IG, TW, FB)

  • 6.0M Engagements in 50 days (IG, TW, FB)

  • 1,768% increase of Instagram Followers in < 50 Days 

Social Snapshot

Bad words are no longer off the table, tough topics are game if you ‘kidsplain,’ and the truth sets us free. 

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