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In the Know with GLOW

Social updates you should know about.

Issue 247 | October 16, 2020

  • Snapchat wants you to paint the town red…literally. The messaging app is taking digital installation tools to the next level with Local Lenses, which means you can now paint whatever your heart desires over some shops and streets (virtually, of course). The coolest part? Your masterpiece will then be visible for other Snap users who visit the site. This has us excited for the next state of digital engagement in real-world spaces. Just think about the endless new advertising and outreach opportunities….

  • Get ready to shop til you drop on YouTube. Eventually, everything you see in a YouTube video could be available to purchase right through YouTube. This is all part of Google's plan to convert the video-sharing platform into a catalog of items for viewers to peruse, click, and buy directly without ever leaving the site. Quite the game changer for creators and subscribers alike.

  • Oh Snap! Snapchat just launched its TikTok rival, "Sounds on Snapchat" — a feature allowing users to enhance snaps by adding music from a curated library of songs. However, tapping on the "sound" won't take you to a page of other videos using the same music clip, like TikTok. Instead, you'll have the ability to swipe up to view the song title, artist, and even the album art. You can also click the "Play This Song" link, which will let you listen to the full song on your streaming platform of choice. It's all just music to our ears.

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